Distribution of Satellite Data

One of the main services provided by ReSAC is the distribution of various types of satellite images. ReSAC is a distributor of almost all of the available European satellite data providers. ReSAC has Distribution Agreements for Bulgaria with European Space Imaging, Inc. for distribution of Ikonos, IRS; EURIMAGE S.p.A for distribution of QuickBird, Landsat, ERS 1-2 SAR, ENVISAT ASAR, ASTER, JERS 1, NOAA; Spot Image S.A. for distribution of Spot and FORMOSAT imageries.

Image Processing

ReSAC is the leading organisation in Bulgaria in the area of satellite image processing. Processing techniques which are applied to satellite images or aerophotos include processes as image compression, image restoration, image enhancement, preprocessing, quantization, spatial filtering and other image pattern recognition techniques. ReSAC staff has an experience not only with different techniques but also with variety of satellite image types starting from very high resolution data - QuickBird, Ikonos, through medium resolution - Landsat, Spot to low resolution satellites.

GIS Data Services

ReSAC offers GIS services which cover activities from entry and capture of data, conversion of formats, scanning, digitizing up to specific GIS database creation, analyses and modeling. Data capture could be done from paper or scanned maps with preliminary geocoding of the source, tabular data, auxiliary information etc. The software available at ReSAC disposal could work with various formats as well as to export the results in formats required by the customer. ReSAC has hardware for large format scanning and digitizing - on tablet or on-screen. The produced vector/raster files are checked topologically and GIS database could be assembled. If required by the customer ReSAC could perform analyses or run different types of models on the base of the GIS database assembled.

Fast Track Services

ReSAC offers Fast-Track Services on the emergency response and land monitoring. In demand we could provide on a regular basis land cover/land use data and update of this information at national regional and local level. In case of natural disasters we have the necessary infrastructure and equipment to order satellite data from different sensors, to acquire in-situ and ancillary data, to process the satellite information in due time and to provide up-to-date information, maps and analyses for the affected area.

Consultancy and Training

ReSAC staff with its long and varied experience in remote sensing and GIS is able to offer it in a variety of consultancy services. We already shared our experience and knowledge to different governmental institutions, local authorities, scientific organisations, universities and private companies. ReSAC maintains a qualified specialists covering a wide range of RS/GIS applications, who benefited between 1998-2005 a training organised by FAO/UN in Poland, Romania; GTOS/FAO in Hungary, Czech Republic; training sessions in ESA/ESRIN, JRC Italy, Germany and on job training in Bulgaria, organized by JRC, FAO, AED SICAD experts. ReSAC staff has certificates for successfully finished training courses in RS/GIS lead by FAO/UN, AED SICAD, JRC. ReSAC organises training courses in RS/GIS for students and decision-makers.

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