Delineation and Interpretation of Forests and Permanent Crops (Vineyards and Orchards) from High-Resolution Satellite Data (1m) and Aerial Photos for Sandanski Region, Bulgaria

Participants: BASA-ReSAC

The IKONOS data were used for checking and updating the state of permanent crops such as vineyards and orchards. Two types of cultivation technology for the vineyards were observed, namely:

  • Vineyards, covering large field sizes, planted on rows at a distance of 2-2.5 m from one another;
  • Vineyards covering medium size fields, planted in rows at a distance of 1-1.5 m from one another.
  • Orchards - well managed;
  • Orchards - abandoned.

As a background information agricultural cadaster and large scale topographic maps were used. The linear features - infrastructure elements were updated on the base of the IKONOS image.

The above clearly shows that very high-resolution satellite data provide important inputs in the updating of large scale land cover/land use inventory and monitoring.