Creation of Digital Atlases for the Territory of the Municipalities and Cities of Vratsa and Rousse for the Purposes of Land Management and Urban Planning

Participants: ASDE, BASA-ReSAC, Municipality Vratsa and Rousse)

The Digital Atlas of the Rousse Municipality contains thematic maps with the corresponding additional information for land cover/land use, soil resources and relief and hydrography of the territory of the Rousse Municipality.
For the analysis of land cover the LCCS classification of the FAO/UN is used. The Atlas is created using Dynamic Maps software of GTOS/FAO.

The Atlas also contains the main layers of infrastructure, hydrology and the administrative borders of the municipality as well as the analysis of the condition of the road network (incl. "agricultural" roads). The creation and analyses of the GIS layers was made on the base of satellite images from Landsat ETM and IKONOS.

The Digital Atlases of the cities of Vratsa and Rousse contains orthorectified satellite image from IKONOS (1m) from 2003, as well as the cadaster layers - parcels, buildings, utility networks and others.

The Atlas of Rousse also contains 3D-views of the city prepared with DEM in scale 1:5,000 and the height of the buildings.