Projects 2011

Consultancy Services to Support Danube River Basin Directorate-Pleven for the Development of Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment


Duration: 09.2011 – 01.2012

Remote Sensing Application Center – RESAC is the contractor of Contract No 1/2011 from 16.09.2011 “Consultancy services to support Danube River Basin Directorate-Pleven for the Development of Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment‘, according to the requirements of directive 2007/60/EC of the European parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.

The subject of contract include tasks within Danube Region related to: significant past floods assessment; potential future floods assessment, including assessment of the factors, affecting their occurrence; and determining indicative areas of potential significant flood risk pursuant to Art. 146d of the Water Act. The establishment of criteria for significance of past, future floods as well as a proposal for such ones for indicative areas of significant flood risk are included in these tasks.

Main activities:

  • Preparation for the Directorate specialized GIS database (in compliance with Directive INSPIRE) which will serve in future tasks of the Directorate under Directive 2007/60/EC regarding the flood risk assessment and flood risk management
  • Preparation of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps (more than 150 maps) for region of Danube River Basin Directorate-Pleven DRBD

HELM: Harmonised European Land Monitoring


Project ID: 261562

Funded under: FP7-SPACE

Duration: 2011.01.01 – 2013.12.31


Participants: Project's partners include companies and institutions from 26 European countries, including ReSAC

HELM (Harmonised European Land Monitoring) is a network of authorities concerned with land monitoring across Europe. It will initiate a move to increase the maturity of European land monitoring along five sequential steps:

  • Mutual interest in achieving reciprocal knowledge
  • Shared visions and planning for the future
  • Joint activities by taking on tasks collectively
  • Alignment of national systems involving the mutual adaptation of data interpretation methods and of the timing of data gathering
  • Lasting integration and combining data across all administrative levels.

EUFODOS: European Forest Downstream Services - Improved Information on Forest Structure and Damages


Project ID: 262786

Funded under: FP7-SPACE

Duration: 2011.01.01 – 2013.12.31


Participants: Project's partners include companies and institutions from 8 European countries, including ReSAC

The EUFODOS project is part of the Copernicus program - the European Union’s revolutionary Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme, a continuation of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program. The Forest Downstream Services (FDS) to be developed within EUFODOS project include the assessment of forest damage and the measurement of functional parameters for commercial and protective forests.

Remote Sensing Application Center (ReSAC) is successfully included in the EUFODOS project, providing results related to:

  • Preparation and update of maps and GIS database for the forest areas and forest area changes
  • Rapid mapping for disaster management

In the frame of the project ReSAC will develop services to the Executive Forest Agency (EFA), Bulgaria.

The proposed test site for downstream service development includes the Forestry of Zemen, Breznik, and Tran. They are situated in central parts of Western Bulgaria, in South-Western planning region (NUTS II). For this area, maps and GIS databases will be developed for the state of forest landscapes (range, types, densities, changes).

The other 3 areas are related to the Rapid mapping for disaster management under the EUFODOS project. These are:

  • The area around the village of Gostun, Bansko municipality, South-Western planning region (NUTS II), Bulgaria (mapping forest fire from April 2011);
  • The territory of the State Forestry Sredec (massive damages of trees in consequence of an early snowfall accompanied with strong winds from October 2011);
  • Disaster mapping for forest management in Biosphere Reserve “Bistrishko Branishte”, Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.