Participation in MIRAMAP Project

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In the beginning of August 2007, the team of ReSAC participated in an international remote sensing experiment focused on the soil conditioning and soil moisture as well as infiltration levels and the application of most resent technological solutions. As a result of the planned flight operation of AeroCommander 500, mounted with 4 sensors for simultaneous measurements of the visible and infrared as well as the cm-wide-bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, a thematic map, as well as 3D imagery of portion of the river valleys of Yantra and Rusenski Lom Rivers, were created.

The unique instrumentation and technology for such soil measurements was developed in Russia, while the European Space Agency has assisted in aircraft's installations. During the experiment the skills and expertise of teams from Bulgaria, Russia, Holland, USA and Ukraina were utilized, which have started their scientific collaborations years ago.

The experiments were carried out as of the initiative and assignment upon the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications, and with the active collaboration of the municipality of Rousse as well as other state and private institutions. The results are meant for easy and comfortable usage by specialists and experts, involved in decision making.