National Concept for Information System for Monitoring and Forest Fire Management

Participants: BASA-ReSAC, National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology, National Forestry Board - MAF

The main objectives are to:

  • Make compatible the data, received from meteorological and resources satellites, thematic and cadastral maps and various land geoinformation.
  • System for assessment and prognosis of the fire ignition risk.
  • Fire evolution model.

Basic information needed:

  • Land Cover/Land Use maps;
  • Forest database, structured according to the type, location, and inflammability classes; Archive system of forest fires and their characteristics, various physical characteristics describing fire ignition and distribution risk;
  • Satellite information.

Real time information needed:

  • Weather condition information;
  • Satellite images;
  • Detailed forecast of all important meteo-elements: wind, humidity, temperature, precipitation, soil condition, evapotranspiration.