Municipal Water System Leak Detection and Monitoring Project for the Water Supply Network of the City of Plovdiv. Development of GIS Based System for Monitoring Linked with Control Devices for Dynamic Data Provision. Ecolinks Project in Consortium with EWA Technologies, USA

Participants: Municipality of Plovdiv, EWA Technologies, Stalker KM Ltd., BASA-ReSAC

In January 2002, the City of Plovdiv received an EcoLinks Challenge Grant to support the first phase of its Leak Detection and Abatement project in order demonstrate, on a pilot-scale, a leading-edge technical approach to water system leak detection using Web monitoring and reporting technologies. Based on a successful outcome of the demonstration, the project will also develop a cost feasibility study for the full, system-wide deployment of the leak detection technology discussed in this proposal.

The primary and overall goal of this Ecolinks project is to demonstrate, on a pilot scale, how the application of real-time and Web-enabled flow monitoring technologies can enhance the effectiveness of its Zone Flow leak detection effort. This pilot online monitoring, management and reporting system for the water system is comprised of one flow measurement device, communications equipment, a control/monitoring PC workstation, and remotely connected PCs. The monitoring system will be used in efforts to diagnose the city’s water loss problem, and as a tool to achieve the City’s water conservation and eco-efficiency performance goals. Performance data from the Ecolinks-funded pilot has been used to prepare a feasibility study for the expansion of the real-time monitoring technology throughout the network as part of the Zone Flow approach to leak detection and abatement, and as a component of a larger, multi-media monitoring and management information system.

This project has demonstrated that the deployment of real-time monitoring technologies has enabled Plovdiv to more quickly and cost-effectively pinpoint the areas where serious water leaks are occurring. Both the pilot and an eventual full-scale project will involve exports of U.S. equipment and technology.