Second Pilot Project on Preparation of the LPIS for Bulgaria - Rules, Technical Recommendations for Creation of the System on the Base of Test Area of Asenovgrad Municipality Using VHR Satellite Data

Participants: MAF, ReSAC, JRC

The Ministry of Agriculture of Bulgaria with the support of MARS-PAC of the Institute for Protection and Security of Citizen at the Join Research Center started two pilot projects for the preparation of the methodology for the creation of the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS). Both projects are implemented by the ReSAC.

The aim of the projects is to complete results obtained in the Pilot Study for Control with Remote Sensing (developed by ReSAC and AIRECTS - France/Spain) in a different context in order to define an overall strategy for BG and to prepare technical recommendations for the Block CAPI. Another important issue in these pilots will be to assess the situation of agricultural areas with the consequence on eligibility.

The analysis is based on archive VHR data from QuickBird, provided by JRC. Ref3D from SPOT Image is used for orthorectification of the imagery. The Directorate “Land Property, Registers and Information Technology” at the Ministry of Agriculture provided the digital cadastre of the Municipality of Asenovgrad.

A workshop with the participation of expert from ReSAC and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was organized in the beginning of September 2005 by the AGRIFISH Unit, in the frame of its support to Candidate countries for the implementation and control of the CAP (MARS PAC action of the JRC 6th Frame work program).

The objectives are:

  • To provide a technical overview on the implementation of the Land parcel Identification System (LPIS) and the IACS GIS (regulation 1782/03);
  • To discuss the first results of the Bulgarian pilot study on LPIS in Asenovgrad (started in July 2005) using the satellite imagery provided by the JRC;
  • To provide recommendations for the implementation of the Bulgarian IACS-GIS.