Common Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the Cross-Border Area Romania-Bulgaria

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Project Code: MIS ETC Code 171

Programme of Initiative: Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme, 2007-2013

Start of the Project: 02.2012

Duration: 32 months

Bulgarian Beneficiary: MRDPW, the nine Danube regions (NUTS3)

The main objective of the project is Elaborate a Common Territorial Development Strategy for the sustainable spatial and economic development of the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area. The core of the project is to set up a comprehensive territorial database for the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border area based on Land Cover objects essential for better territorial development and planning.

Agency of Sustainable Development and Eurointegration (ASDE) and ReSAC experts are actively involved the development of the common spatial database (SDB) of Bulgarian and Romanian territory. The general feature of the SDB will be landcover information on UN-FAO LCCS / LCML methodology and based on satellite imageries.

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