Land Cover Mapping, Base Map GIS and Soil Database Preparation for the North-Western part of Bulgaria for the Purposes of Precision Farming

Participants: BASA-ReSAC, Cie Jules VAN LANKER s.a., Belgium)

The Projects objectives were to create Land Cover maps in scale 1:50,000 for the northern part of Bulgaria for the purposes of precision farming. As a source the Landsat TM images from 1998-1999 were used. The land cover classification used the LCCS methodology of FAO/UN for land cover mapping.

Two types of outcomes were produced: GIS Land Cover Database and printed maps in scale 1:50,000.

The GIS Land Cover Database contains information for the land cover, soil types, erosion, soil pollution, slopes. As additional information settlements, rivers, roads and electricity network was included.

Two types of maps were produced - Land Cover Maps and Soil Maps in scale 1:50,000.