Land Cover Mapping and Base Map GIS Preparation for the Purposes of Agriculture, RIMEX Ltd. – Creation of the GIS Database for the Purposes of Agricultural Marketing Using Dynamic Maps Software

Participants: BASA-ReSAC

The region mapped is more than 1.5 million ha in Northern Bulgaria. In order to create Land Cover maps Landsat TM and ETM images from 2000 - 2003 were used together with topomaps in scale 1: 100 000. The following land cover classes were mapped

  • Two types of agricultural land – actively and not-actively managed;
  • Grassland;
  • Forest;
  • Urban area;
  • Other areas: abandoned lands, natural vegetation, vineyards, orchards and others;
  • Water areas.

In the GIS Database as additional information the following layers were included: soil types, infrastructure, administrative borders. The following software products were used ERDAS Imagine, ArcView, LCCS, GeoVIS etc.

The Dynamic Maps Software is developed by the Canadian company SKE with the special support of the FAO and GTOS of the UN. It is а free software, which enables integration of GIS data with other additional information. The software:

  • Integrates maps with Microsoft Office through PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Ties the data to their relevant map features.
  • Publish documents, files and web pages against map features.

The Dynamic Maps Software v3.0 has been added to the GIS data in order the customer to be able to make analyses and to browse the data.